How to Choose a Social Security Lawyer in Spokane

  If you’re looking for a Social Security Lawyer in Spokane, WA or northern Idaho here’s a checklist of five things to consider. Are they actually located in Spokane? Are they Connected to the Community of Spokane?  Do they Help You to Understand Your Social Security Claim? Are they an Expert  Are they Approachable?   Are they actually located in Spokane?   These are Read More

25 Things to Know about Service Connected Disability

  Service Connected Disability is a benefit that exists to compensation you for an injury Speaking plainly, a service connected disability is an injury, illness, or impairment that was caused or made worse because of some aspect of your service.  This can be a distinct experience, or it can be something that occurs over time. The benefit itself exists to assign and provide a monetary reimbursement for the Read More

Is Social Security the Same As Disability? 

  Social Security, disability, SSI, & SSDI get confused a lot.  Unless you spend your time working with these terms, it is hard to make sense of which program is for which need.  Here’s a short description of Social Security and Disability benefits.  And an infographic to help you in understanding the differences.   Social Security & SSI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program Read More

How to Choose a Social Security Lawyer

  If you’re in the process of applying for Social Security Disability, or if you’ve already applied and are looking to get a bit more help for an appeal - then the following criteria can help you select the best Social Security lawyer for your case.     Work With Someone That Makes You Comfortable A Fear Factor Can Play a Big Role in Your Relationship with Your Attorney   The first and maybe Read More

March 30th, 2017

Kids Protection Plan teleseminar 2-3 PM Contact Mackenzie to reserve your spot. Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Overcoming a VA Service Nexus Denial

If you’re in the VA service connected disability claim or appeal stage you likely want to know what you can do to get the VA to start making the right decision.  There is a lot of terminology that you’re already picking up that you never really had use for before.   For instance, at some point the term, service nexus, or nexus letter is likely to come up.  This will either be from your advocate, or in one of the many Read More

Estate Planning and Divorce: Incapacity, Death and Alimony Considerations

  If you are considering a divorce, it’s critical to understand the impact of your divorce on what would happen in the event of your incapacity or death, either during the divorce or after. Unfortunately, most divorce lawyers do not give any thought to incapacity or death, simply because they do not have training on these issues specifically and it’s not at the forefront of their minds when they are Read More

How Do I Appoint a Guardian For My Child If I Die?

  Honestly, no one wants to think about this question.  It’s a tacit reminder that we are indeed mortal and in some cases, we may leave this world before we are ready.  What are our plans if this were to happen?  Putting your assets in a trust, or last desires into a Will - helps to make sure your financial holdings are passed on to whomever you want them to go.  But, if you don’t create a care plan, or declare Read More

How to Win An SSI Appeal (Step by Step)

If you have applied for SSI or SSDI, you probably know that for many, getting approved on your first shot is a challenge.  Getting approved is not an insurmountable challenge, but the odds can be against you if you did not sufficiently prove your disability, or if you did not demonstrate how you rate social security benefits.  If you now have, or fear that you will have a denial letter in hand, here’s a Read More