9 Ways A Disability Lawyer Will Help You in Your SSI or SSDI appeal.

  If you have applied for Social Security Income (SSI) and have received a denial letter, you may be wondering if a disability lawyer can appeal the decision for you.  The answer is yes.  Now is the best time to hire a disability lawyer if you have not already done so. Here are 9 excellent reasons and ways a disability lawyer will help you in your SSI or SSDI appeal.     Statistics show Read More

Do SSI Lawyers Really Help You with Your Disability Claim?

  Did you know that hiring an SSI Lawyer to help with your appeal can increase your chances of being approved by double? How? Why? Does it matter that much to retain a great SSI lawyer?    Reasons to Hire an SSI Lawyer The process of applying for SSI can take anywhere from one month to three years (Initial decision through any appeals if needed). Having someone to help you at any point during the Read More

Setting up a Durable Power of Attorney in Washington State

  Setting up a Durable Power of Attorney in Washington State is pretty straightforward. In this article is a brief description of what a Durable Power of Attorney actually is, as well as some specific rules that you must follow to set up a durable power of attorney in Washington State.   Durable Power of Attorney (POA) Explained A durable power of attorney allows you to choose someone to handle your Read More

When Do I Need a Medical Power of Attorney in Washington State?

  If you are searching for estate planning needs, you will likely come across the concept of a “Medical Power of Attorney.” We wrote this article to help you understand what a medical power of attorney is, when you would need one, and how you would obtain one.    What is a Medical Power of Attorney First off, a medical power of attorney may also be known as an advance care directive.  The medical power Read More

Lilac City Law Founding Attorney Randi L Johnson Awarded for Business Leadership

  Lilac City Law founding attorney, Randi L Johnson was recently named one of 12 awardees for the Women in Business Leadership Award by the Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine. The WIBL award singled Randi's leadership in establishing a successful business and retaining close ties to the community and her family.   The awards for the 8th Annual Women in Business Leadership Awards will be held on Thu, March Read More

Mom’s Night Out!

Join Us For A Night! Moms, come out and enjoy the first round on us and some light appetizers. This is a time just to relax with other moms. No agenda.  21+ Only, Please!   Lovingly Presented By Randi L. Johnson, Lilac City Law Jessica Koefod, CLTC FIC, Financial Associate Read More

When should I talk to a disability lawyer?

  When you apply for disability, a disability lawyer can significantly increase your chances of approval. Up to 70% of all initial applications get denied.  Having a disability lawyer can increase your chances of receiving disability benefits up to 50%.   When to Contact a Disability Lawyer The sooner you contact a disability lawyer the better. If you have questions about the initial application Read More

How to Understand VA Schedular Ratings Vs TDIU

  Understanding the difference between VA schedular ratings and TDIU can be confusing. In this article, we explain each of them and how you can determine which best fits you.   VA Schedular Ratings Explained When dealing with VA disability claims there are two distinct ways of viewing ratings or awards.   By far the most common system is the schedular system.  This is the percentage based rating Read More

Getting Ready for Spring Break and More with a Family Protection Plan

  Spring break is coming up fast! And it truly is an exciting time of year, filled with both the promise of spring and brief glimpses of Summer. With the brief pre-summer respite, families across America are going to be planning short trips, family outings, and the occasional "stay-cation!" Whether your plans for spring break include trips to exotic locations, the mall, or simply spring cleaning, this is the Read More

Why You Need to Consider Options for Temporary Guardianship for Your Children

  As a parent, the last thing you want to think is not being around for your children.  Not being there to make decisions for them, and not being there to take care of them. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and if the worst case were to happen to your family, there is little doubt that you would want to make sure someone you trust is around and able to care for your children!  You need to start considering a Read More