Help!  Social Security Thinks I Can Perform Sedentary Work

  You applied for Social Security benefits.  You receive a denial letter and in it, it says that you can perform sedentary work. What does this mean?  What can you do?   What is Sedentary Work? When Social Security reviews your case, they look at the medical evidence that has been submitted.  They use the “grid”, a system developed by SSA to decide if a person is able to work based on the highest Read More

Four Examples of Sedentary Work And Why They May Not Apply to You

  In order to win your appeal for Social Security disability, you must prove that your limitations from injury or illness prevent you from not only doing your recent job but any job that is also less demanding but within your ability to do.  This is difficult, especially for younger people.  Social Security believes that younger claimants can adjust to sit down jobs even if they have an impairment.  However, Read More

How to Appeal A Denial for Social Security Disability in Washington State

  Applying for Social Security in Washington State can be an overwhelming process.  If you are one of the greater than 70% of those who are initially denied your claim, it can be devastating, and your path to getting the benefits you have earned can be hard to see.  What should you do?  Who can help you? This article was written to give you some clarity. The first step is calm down, take a deep breath, and Read More

December Offer from Lilac City Law

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Who Can Help Create a Durable Power of Attorney in WA State

  Most of us do not like to think about it, but what happens if we are unable to make our own decisions regarding our health and finances? Who is going to make those decisions for us? Are the decisions being made what we would decide if we could? Having a durable power of attorney in Washington state is the best way to ensure decisions are being made the way you would want them to be.   What is a Durable Read More

5 Warning Signs You Might Have a Lousy Disability Lawyer

  When you file for Social Security Disability (SSDI), it is a good idea to begin talking to a disability lawyer. Engaging the expertise of a Social Security Disability Lawyer early in your application process can help avoid some of the big reasons claims get denied later on. One of the big challenges of finding and retaining a disability lawyer, though, is that there are many lawyers to choose from, and not Read More

How Does A Meretricious Relationship Play Into An Estate Plan?

  Regarding marriage, Washington state does not recognize common law. Instead, Washington State looks at a long-term, committed relationship as a meretricious relationship or cohabitation. Being in a meretricious relationship versus being legally married can affect what happens to your property and assets should one of you become disabled or die.   What is a Meretricious relationship? In the state Read More

The 7th Annual Homeless Connect Is Happening Soon!

SPOKANE’S FIRST-EVER EXPANDED “WARRANT FEST” When: Thursday, January 25th, 2018 2018 Homeless Connect Features Spokane’s 1st Ever Expanded Warrant Fest. The Spokane Homeless Connect is pleased to announce that, for the first time in any venue, all three Spokane Courts (Municipal, District, and Superior) will facilitate a “Warrant Fest” at this year’s Homeless Connect. The 2018 “Warrant Fest” will offer the Read More

Ready to Write Your Will? DIY Estate Planning

  A last will and testament is the most commonly thought of document when it comes to an estate plan. But, really; it’s a very small part of an integrated plan that ensures your family stays out of Court and out of conflict when something happens to you. Don’t think you can just write your own Will and that will help your family. Instead, consider the reality that trying to do so could actually create far Read More

What is the Value of a Cheap Estate Plan?

Here are five reasons why shopping for a cheap estate plan is likely to leave you with a plan that won’t work for your family and will leave them with a big mess instead.   Bargain Hunting is Not Always a Good Deal The least expensive plan is not always even worth the paper it is written on. This point is especially true once you have left the attorney’s office. Once you have an estate plan in place, your Read More