What You Need to Know About a Durable Power of Attorney in 2017

There are several different types of Powers of Attorney (POA).  Regardless of the type of Power of Attorney we’re taking about, you are essentially enabling someone else to act on your behalf.  Often, you’ll sign a POA for the purpose of legal representation, or for other situations in which you might want someone to be able to sign contracts and documents for you.  In the case of estate planning, you typically Read More

What A New College Student Can Teach Us About Family Protection Planning

  Your baby is now 18 years old and is on their way to college as a freshman this coming fall!  That happened fast…In fact, it may have happened so fast that you didn’t realize that while they may be your baby still, they are full grown adults in the eyes of the law.  In the eyes of  the law, if your adult child has medical emergency, you have few guaranteed rights to help them, and in fact - you may not have Read More

Highlighting Our Interview with Financial Planner Mary McDirmid

In this video Mary McDirmid, financial planner, shares with Randi Johnson a lot of great information regarding financial planning for families with children of special needs.   Establishing a trust and long term financial plan is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family.  This is especially true for families of children with special needs. When you work with Lilac City Law Read More

Physical Disabilities can be a Barrier to Employment

Defining a physical disability seems like it should be straight forward.  Something doesn’t work the way it should!  Should is of course a very subjective term; everyone would have a different definition “should” in this context. What is Normal? It might be easier to say there’s a norm, and most of us deviate to some degree or another from that norm.  Within certain amounts we can perform most or all the Read More

Substantially Gainful Activity Explained, and Examples

Social Security Disability benefits are predicated on whether or not you can perform Substantially Gainful Activity (SGA), so it makes sense that a disability blog should define that a bit better and provide examples.     Defining Substantially Gainful Activity (SGA)  Social Security bases their definition of disability on your ability to work (or perform tasks like working) that do, or could, earn you Read More

If Your SSI Was Denied Will Your SSDI be Denied Too?

SSI and SSDI are both programs for supporting people who have have disabilities that stop them from being able to work.  However, the program that works best for you will be dependent upon a couple different factors.  If we break this down a little further, we can fully address the main question:  If your SSI was denied will your SSDI be denied too?   SSI Vs SSDI   We broke down the differences Read More

Here’s What You Should Do Now That You’ve Filed Your Social Security Disability Claim

You’ve filed for Social Security Disability (or SSI) because you’re unable to work due to an injury or illness.  Great job!  But now what can you do to set yourself up of the best possible chance of success?   Here are four things to do for anyone who has filed a social security disability claim. Keep Going to the Doctor   It’s incredibly important that you continue to go to all scheduled Read More

How Much Does A Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost in Spokane, WA?

For some, the concern about the cost of a great social security disability lawyer stops them from ever even picking up the phone to find out. We would all love to have the best disability attorney that money can buy, right!  But, we all remember that line, “you get what you pay for…” Would you believe though, that in the world of Social Security Disability Lawyers, that’s not how it works at all? You Can Read More

5 Reasons Social Security Denied Your Disability Claim When Your Doctor Said You Were Disabled

  If you’re wondering why Social Security denied your disability when your doctor soundly believed that your ailments were disabling…you’re not alone!  That may offer some relief, but now that you’ve been denied (or were denied some time ago), you need to get ready to take another look at your application for social security disability.   Whether you’re re-applying for disability or filing an appeal with a Read More

From the Corner Office, March 2016

  Happy Spring, Everyone! As the first quarter of the year comes to a close, I am really encouraged to bound into the next Season! 2017 has me really thinking about the concepts of “Community” and “Home” and what that means as an individual and as a business owner. Many of you have attended one of my Young Family Estate Planning Seminars and have seen firsthand the “Welcome Box” that we pass out. When I Read More