Highlighting our Ultimate Disability Guide

Lilac City Law is a different kind of law firm.  We are focused on great service and support for you if you are disabled.  And more recently we started focusing on making sure your family is taken care of.   Whether your needs are disability advice, family wealth planning, or

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Denied VA Disability Claims: Choosing the Right Advocate 

If you have been denied VA disability you have to pick the best advocate. Which means you have to be presented with the options and the knowledge to choose wisely. This is the second in a three part series on picking the right advocate to represent you in Veterans claims. 

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A New Chapter for Lilac City Law

As we wind down the summer and think about our Little Ones heading back to school, Lilac City Law is also continuing to enjoy transitions and new chapters! Starting October 1, 2016 Lilac City Law (LCL) will help families with children create Family Wealth and Kids Protection Plans. Allow me

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Denied Disability Claims: Options for VA Service Connection

If you’ve been denied a VA Service Connected Disability claim, you have several options open to you! Depending on who you talk to you may not be aware or understand all the options you have.  On the other hand, it’s very possible someone hasn’t told you all your options on

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Social Security Myth #4

“DISABILITY CLAIMS ARE SOARING!” If you were to turn on the nightly news you might come away with the impression that disability claims have soared in recent years.  Perhaps everyone is onto the secret?   Social Security Disability is a way to get compensation from the Federal Government for being

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Social Security Myth #3

“The vast majority of present recipients are on drugs but otherwise fine.” Is there a link between Social Security Benefits and Drug addiction?  Some think so.  To determine the truth about drugs and Social Security, it’s important that we don’t confuse a correlation with a causation. Establishing Definitions It might

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