I’m Too Tough for Social Security: They Denied me Because I Worked Through my Injury

Social Security disability benefits decisions are often not fair.  If you are seeking benefits for the first time right now, you should know that the SSA makes incorrect denial decisions every day.  And they are carried out without them knowing of all the relevant facts in claims.  You may, in fact, already know this at a personal level if you are working on your second or even third denial.  The Typical  Injury Read More

The VA is Failing Gulf War Veterans

“All over the country, it's the same thing being reported. These people walk into a VA hospital or clinic and either the physicians don't know about Gulf War illness or they pretend they don't know and the Veteran ends up in the psych ward.”  ~ Capt. David Winnett (USMC – Ret) Source Many Veterans have filed for Service Connected Disability (SCD) compensation from the VA due to Gulf War illness.  Most Read More

"Why is SSA Taking So Long?"

It can be extraordinarily frustrating waiting on the Social Security Administration (SSA) to make a Determination on your Claim.  Even more so as the Claim progresses from the Initial Application stage, to Reconsideration, and to the Hearing Level. That said, we often hear the question, “why is my case taking so long?” To be frank, there are a LOT of cases waiting to be adjudicated and heard at the Social Security Read More