3 Mistakes to Avoid when Denied Disability

The application process for disability and Social Security is tough enough, being denied disability only adds to the mess.  You first have to more-or-less discover that you are not able to keep working.  Then you have to state that you can't work in a very deliberate way.  You do this by applying for benefits directly to the Social Security Administration.  If your family is involved in your support, you often have Read More

What Does a Disability Look Like?

Each year the Social Security Administration (SSA) awards claims to over 750,000 newly disabled workers.  This means that over 750,000 people are successful in claiming an SSDI award because they are or were physically or mentally unable to work anymore due to an injury or illness.  To have found success, these claimants must have demonstrated to the Social Security Administration what disability looks like for them. Read More

The Three Tenets of All Successful VA Claims and Appeals

Like Social Security many VA claims for service connected disability compensation are denied in the initial claims process.  The reasons for denial can be varied.  For those seeking service connected claims while employed, or after recently being employed, the arguments of the VA often appear hard to overcome.  In every case, there are three fundamental tenets of all successful VA claims.  Failing to answer one of Read More

Surprising Facts about Social Security Disability

This is a blog about Social Security Disability and VA Service Connected Compensation.  It’s intended to be well meaning, and is most often based on personal history and a well developed expertise in these fields.  Though we are covering surprising Social Security facts, this is also a blog written to inform and provide perspective beyond the clear cut data. The basis of perspective is seeing the way Social Security Read More

The ‘First’ Worst Letter you Will Get from Social Security

“Dear Applicant…Based on a review of your health problems you do not qualify for benefits on this claim.  This is because you are not disabled under our rules… We have determined that your condition is not severe enough to keep you from working…~Social Security” This is the denial letter you don’t want to get from Social Security.  There’s more information specific to your claim in the letter.  However, Read More

Service Connection How to Order Your Military Service Records for a Disability Claim, for Free!

At its most basic level, a service connected disability is a loss of physical or mental function as a result of some aspect of your military service.  The way you, me, or a nameless claims evaluator assess these descriptions are often wildly different.  Because of this, it is an absolute must that you order your DD214 and other military records if you're pursuing any type of disability claim.   You Are the Read More

How Much Will I Make on Disability?

You’ll see this question online in other blogs.  Most of the time it will be phrased differently though.  Instead of saying, “how much will I make on disability,” attorneys or agencies will phrase it in the form of “what will my compensation be if…”  But whether you’re deciding to file a claim, or deciding to file an appeal to a denial, the financial consideration is very much a piece of information you need to Read More

Your To-Do List for Social Security Disability

There was a great article published recently by Tim Moore, a former Social Security Claims Examiner. In the article, he provided advice for those seeking a Disability claim with the Social Security Administration.  We loved everything he said so much, we wanted to pass it on and add a couple thoughts of our own about picking the right disability attorney! 1) Don’t Wait to File for Disability. We already Read More

Gulf War Illness and Unfair VA Claims Denial Practices

In our article, How the VA is Failing Gulf War Vets, we described how systematic problems at the VA seem to be resulting in neglect of legitimate service connected claims for Gulf War Illness.  Since we published that article, Anthony Hardie, a Gulf War Veteran and Director for the Veterans for Common Sense published written testimony of his before a Congressional Hearing on Gulf War Veterans & Gulf War Illness Read More

The Odds: Getting Your Social Security Claim Approved

  Should we start with the good news or the bad?  The chances are that if you are coming across this post, you are in one of three situations.  And you are curious about your chances of getting your Social Security Claim Approved.  These three situations being... You are considering a filing a claim for social security ( SSI or SSDI). Or, you have filed and wanted to know your chances. Or maybe, you have Read More