Estate Planning Books to Get You Started with Your Family Protection Plan

  Many people believe that estate planning is something that can be done later in life, such as retirement planning. However, it is important for everyone to plan ahead - especially if you have children. Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your head around what needs to be done to make an estate plan come together, here are some estate planning books that can help you start the process of discovering how to Read More

Randi Johnson Named Top Attorney 2017

Attorney Randi Johnson of Lilac City Law has been named a Top Attorney for 2017 by Spokane Coeur D'Alene Living Magazine! Click here to check out the feature. Read More

A Young Family’s Guide to a Rock Solid Estate Plan

If you are under 40 years old, the chances of you have thought about, or even pursuing estate planning is pretty small. However, something brought you here, and that means you are on your way to changing the way you look at planning your future! The exploration of life planning that brought you here is the reason we started doing estate planning for families here at Lilac City Law in the first place. We believe Read More

Disability Hearing: Tips From a Disability Lawyer

Are you ready for your disability hearing? You are going to be side by side with your attorney, in front of an administrative law judge. Experts will be commenting on your desire and ability to work. And, you will have many things on your mind. What if they think I am faking my injury? How will they make a decision? When will I be able to move past this appeal!? Is this Social Security nightmare almost Read More

Lies and Truth About Waste and the Growth of Social Security Disability

In July and August of 2016, we produced a four part blog series titled: "Social Security Myths." In Myth #4 we focused on the rhetoric that Social Security disability claims were soaring, and sought to evaluate the sensational assertions using facts that are readily available, for anyone who cared to look anyway. Recently, this false claim regarding disability was put forth again for the sole purpose of making Read More

The Real Cost of Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer

Sometimes the idea of hiring a lawyer creates a barrier to action. We all know that when the stuff gets sideways, turning to a lawyer to fix it can be the best bet. However, we also know that lawyers cost money. There's no pretense that their services are free. What most do not realize, though, is that the cost of hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer is defined very precisely by federal law, and it is this way Read More

Think Your Salary Can Bring You Safely to Retirement? Think Again!

In the sea of financial planning wisdom, there are too few messages about the importance of mindset. Gone are the days when simply saving money was enough to get you to retirement. With pensions practically a thing of the past, it takes more than just a big piggy bank to afford retirement. Saving strategies aside, changing your mindset from that of a consumer to thinking like an investor, or even an entrepreneur Read More

VA Disability Claims: How to Approach Hard to Prove Hearing Loss Claims

It's a straightforward conclusion that if someone loses a leg in combat, their loss of limb is related to a military experience.  That is a simple and clear A+B=C situation.  However, in many cases, such as hearing loss claims, the direct link between the current condition and an incident in service is far less clear.   Many Claims are Clear Cut, and Much More are Not We used the example of someone having an Read More

Highlighting Our “Always There for Them Plan”

  We have discussed how a little bump in the road can quickly turn into a nightmare on here before. Well, in regards to the dangers that pop-up when you send your beloved children into the world for the first time. It is not sufficient that we talk about it though, without providing a solution that meets the needs of the challenges we brought up. There's gonna be no "chicken-little" around here! The sky is not Read More

3 Big Mistakes You Can Make After an SSI Claim Denial

Well, you got it, your denial for your SSI claim! Argh!! What should you do next? Here is a list of the three biggest mistakes people make after receiving an SSI claim denial. File a New Claim There's a myth that says you have to file a claim at least three times before your SSI claim will be accepted. It is easy to see why and how this myth caught hold. Social Security is notorious for not approving appropriate Read More