Keep Your Assets Safe: How to Protect Yourself From Lawsuits

You have worked hard to have everything you own. That is why you cannot just leave your assets open to seizure in lawsuits or debts. You have to protect them. Each year over 40 million lawsuits are filed in the United States, many of them seem frivolous. However, many of these frivolous lawsuits end with the plaintiff receiving millions of dollars in payout. Lawsuits like these can be brought against you! If Read More

What is a Meretricious Relationship?

While a great number of relationships will split up between their first and second year, many will persist for many years or even decades. If both parties can not agree or do not believe in the traditions of marriage, they might still be regarded under the law as in a meretricious relationship (definitions and terminology vary depending upon the state of residence). Here is everything to know about whether or Read More

What Legal Documents Would I Need To Establish Child Custody If Their Parents Were to Die?

If you have been asked to be the guardian of a child in your life, you may be wondering what legal documents you would need to have ready to go if the worst case scenario were to occur. If you are the appointed guardian of one or several minors - here are the documents you should have readily available in the case of an untimely parent death or incapability to raise  Last Will and Testament Not everyone Read More

What Guardianship Forms Do I Need To Protect My Children?

  Anyone with a child should have an estate plan.   A fundamental part of your estate planning is setting up the appropriate guardianship forms should something happen to you. Unfortunately, many people do not have an estate plan or guardianship plans because they either have not thought about it or they are unsure how to start. In this article, we will discuss how to make sure your kids are protected, and Read More

How You Can and Should Educate Your Family About Your Estate Planning Forms

  Having an estate plan in order is the best way to protect your family if you unexpectedly die or become disabled. Fundamentally, an estate plan is a collection of necessary forms and instructions for people to use and follow when they eventually become necessary (and they will someday). Once you have estate plan established, and forms ready - with instructions - you still need to educate your family and Read More

Does Tenancy By the Entirety Matter Where I Live? (Spokane, WA)

  When purchasing a home or property, most people do not know that there are several forms of ownership. Regarding inheritance and passing on property, each form has its own way of affecting your property when you die. It's a bit complicated, but if you are planning on leaving your children property, you should have a basic understanding of these options. *Not all states have each form of ownership as an Read More

Setup a Kid’s Protection Plan Today, Here’s How to Do It in Spokane, WA!

  When you started having children, the last thing you probably thought about was setting up a kid’s protection plan. We don't like to be forced us to think about a time when we may not be able to take care of children. However, the sad reality is that for some, it does happen. Setting up a kid’s protection plan, no matter what stage of parenting you are in, is a vital part of being a prepared Read More

6 Steps to Select and Name the Right Guardians for Your Children

    One of your most important responsibilities as a parent is to select and legally document guardians for your children. This doesn’t mean just naming godparents or trusting the grandparents will step in if necessary. It means consciously deciding who would raise your children if you cannot. And then it means legally documenting your choices and making sure the people you’ve chosen know what to do if Read More

Celebrate Your Military Family, Improve Your Military Will

There’s an old military adage that says, “No good plan survives engagement.”  While this quote's timelessness must lend credit to its applicability in battle, it transcends its martial roots and applies equally as well to law.  Especially Estate Law.  Take for instance the idea of a Last Will and Testament.  A Will is probably the most well known and well-understood items in an estate plan.  The purpose of the Will Read More

Getting Ready for Spring Break and More with a Family Protection Plan

  Spring break is coming up fast! And it truly is an exciting time of year, filled with both the promise of spring and brief glimpses of Summer. With the brief pre-summer respite, families across America are going to be planning short trips, family outings, and the occasional "stay-cation!" Whether your plans for spring break include trips to exotic locations, the mall, or simply spring cleaning, this is the Read More