5 Common Misconceptions About Planning for the Future

5 Common Myths About Estate Planning Planning for your death can seem morbid, but in fact, having a solid end of life plan is a smart idea.  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding end of life planning, especially when it comes to drawing up and maintaining a will.  Read on to learn the truth about some common myths (or misunderstandings) surrounding estate planning. Myth: A Will Only Deals Read More

Your Estate Plan Should Include Digital Assets, and Here’s Why

Why Your Estate Plan Should Include Digital Assets Planning In the past, estate planning was almost entirely concerned with financial and custodial matters. Nowadays the proliferation of digital devices and services creates a real headache without careful planning. How many digital accounts do you have? 50? 100? Now think about who other than yourself has the username and password to access them. Keep Read More

The Importance of Insurance In Estate Planning

The Importance of Estate Planning Life Insurance About 84% of Americans believe that it is important to have life insurance. But only 41% have any. That's quite a disparity! Where do you fall in this equation? Do you have the life insurance that you need? We're assuming here that you have already taken a big first step and are working on your estate planning. If so, you need to understand the role of Read More

5 Estate Planning Questions That Might Make You Uneasy

What happens after you die? This question is, of course, one of the most intriguing questions that humans have ever pondered. Regardless, you cannot guarantee what is going to happen to your spirit once it's left your body.  (See Patrick Swayze's character in Ghost.)  But you do have control over what happens to your spouse, your children, and your assets. That is where estate planning Read More

5 Essential Estate Planning Forms You Need to Know About

Death. It is inevitable. No one likes considering their mortality but, the smartest among us prepare for it. Preparation helps the suffering of those you are leaving behind. Filing the proper estate planning forms, consolidating assets into a trust, and making sure your affairs are in order is the greatest gift you can give your surviving loved ones. By planning for the unexpected, you can avoid being taken Read More

Disinheriting a Child and Other Considerations of a Last Will and Testament

While nearly 70% of millennials expect some kind of inheritance from family members, only about 40% end up getting one. Those whose family have decided on disinheriting a child could be in for a bigger surprise. Here is everything you need to understand about the process and the concept. Why Disinherit a Child? When you have a child or a grandchild who you choose to disinherit, you are Read More

How Planning for Being Incapacitated Will Strengthen Your Whole Family & Estate Plan

When you think about it, planning your estate is not about dying. It's about managing and protecting your assets, and who gets to control them, while you are living. If you become incapacitated, having an incapacity plan in with your overall estate plan ensures that your best interests are clear. It also ensures your family is taken care of. Why An Incapacity Plan? If you become seriously ill or develop Read More

Child Custody, Divorce, Parenting Plans and How They Impact Estate Planning In WA State

Estate planning is an important step for any adult person. Estate planning not only makes sure your requests are followed after your death, but it also ensures your family members have a plan for what to do with your assets.   Unfortunately, some circumstances (that may also have led to a divorce in the first place) can affect the overall child, parent, property equation. Here are some of the Read More

Aretha Franklin Did Not Leave a Will

Many of us were saddened by the news that we lost a great singer, Aretha Franklin, on August 16, 2018. She was known as the “Queen of Soul” and her family saw her as the rock of their family.  Aretha Franklin died at the age of 76 after fighting advanced pancreatic cancer.  What may be even more surprising than her death, is the fact that she did not leave a will.  What does this mean for her estimated Read More

What Legal Documents Would I Need To Establish Child Custody If Their Parents Were to Die?

If you have been asked to be the guardian of a child in your life, you may be wondering what legal documents you would need to have ready to go if the worst case scenario were to occur. If you are the appointed guardian of one or several minors - here are the documents you should have readily available in the case of an untimely parent death or incapability to raise  Last Will and Testament Not everyone Read More