The Advice for Writing a Will That Everyone Should Follow

The Advice for Writing a Will That Everyone Should Follow You do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. Because of that, you should not put off writing your will until your "old age." This advice is especially true if you have children.  If you were to pass away unexpectedly, what would happen to your kids? If you have a Last Will and Testament, you can definitively answer that Read More

The Single Mom’s Guide to Estate Planning

A Single Mom's Guide to Estate Planning Today, 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 are being raised without a father.  As a single mother, you carry the tremendous responsibility for making sure your children are healthy, happy, and well-protected. From diapers to college applications, you are there for your kids for the rest of their lives. Estate planning helps provide the invaluable peace of mind Read More

Your Questions About Setting Up a Trust, Answered: Who, Why, When & How?

Questions About Setting Up a Trust, Answered: Who, Why, When & How? Do you want the wealth and property you have accumulated to really help make a difference in the lives of people and institutions you care about? Have you thought about what would happen to your assets in the event of your death?  Wills can be helpful, but setting up a trust may just be an iron-clad way for you to ensure that your money and Read More

Legal at 18: Estate Planning for College Students

Plan Your Estate: What All Young Adults Should Do When They Turn 18 About to turn 18? What an exciting time! You already know that you can register to vote, get a tattoo, and purchase that lucky lottery ticket, but did you know that you also need to plan to manage your estate?  Even though it may not sound like the most glamorous task to do as soon as you become an adult, it is one of the most important Read More

Top Three Advantages of a Living Trust

Top Three Advantages of a Living Trust We cannot avoid death, but we CAN plan for it.  That said, only 60% of Americans have made a will or living trust to help those they leave behind. When it is time to complete your estate planning, give strong consideration to creating a living trust.  A living trust provides for distribution of your assets according to your instructions. But what other reasons are Read More

5 Common Misconceptions About Planning for the Future

5 Common Myths About Estate Planning Planning for your death can seem morbid, but in fact, having a solid end of life plan is a smart idea.  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding end of life planning, especially when it comes to drawing up and maintaining a will.  Read on to learn the truth about some common myths (or misunderstandings) surrounding estate planning. Myth: A Will Only Deals Read More

Your Estate Plan Should Include Digital Assets, and Here’s Why

Why Your Estate Plan Should Include Digital Assets Planning In the past, estate planning was almost entirely concerned with financial and custodial matters. Nowadays the proliferation of digital devices and services creates a real headache without careful planning. How many digital accounts do you have? 50? 100? Now think about who other than yourself has the username and password to access them. Keep Read More

The Importance of Insurance In Estate Planning

The Importance of Estate Planning Life Insurance About 84% of Americans believe that it is important to have life insurance. But only 41% have any. That's quite a disparity! Where do you fall in this equation? Do you have the life insurance that you need? We're assuming here that you have already taken a big first step and are working on your estate planning. If so, you need to understand the role of Read More

5 Estate Planning Questions That Might Make You Uneasy

What happens after you die? This question is, of course, one of the most intriguing questions that humans have ever pondered. Regardless, you cannot guarantee what is going to happen to your spirit once it's left your body.  (See Patrick Swayze's character in Ghost.)  But you do have control over what happens to your spouse, your children, and your assets. That is where estate planning Read More

5 Essential Estate Planning Forms You Need to Know About

Death. It is inevitable. No one likes considering their mortality but, the smartest among us prepare for it. Preparation helps the suffering of those you are leaving behind. Filing the proper estate planning forms, consolidating assets into a trust, and making sure your affairs are in order is the greatest gift you can give your surviving loved ones. By planning for the unexpected, you can avoid being taken Read More