Four Benefits of Printing Out Your Guardianship Plan on Good Ol’ Paper

In today’s society, most things are done on the computer and saved to a hard drive.  Important documents are very rarely printed out and filed in a file cabinet or folder.  However, there are benefits to printing out legal documents including your guardianship plan. Here are four benefits of printing out your guardianship plan on good ol’ paper.   Accessibility Most people have passwords on their computers.  Read More

How Does A Meretricious Relationship Play Into An Estate Plan?

  Regarding marriage, Washington state does not recognize common law. Instead, Washington State looks at a long-term, committed relationship as a meretricious relationship or cohabitation. Being in a meretricious relationship versus being legally married can affect what happens to your property and assets should one of you become disabled or die.   What is a Meretricious relationship? In the state Read More

Estate Planning and Divorce: Incapacity, Death and Alimony Considerations

  If you are considering a divorce, it’s critical to understand the impact of your divorce on what would happen in the event of your incapacity or death, either during the divorce or after. Unfortunately, most divorce lawyers do not give any thought to incapacity or death, simply because they do not have training on these issues specifically and it’s not at the forefront of their minds when they are Read More

How Do I Appoint a Guardian For My Child If I Die?

  Honestly, no one wants to think about this question.  It’s a tacit reminder that we are indeed mortal and in some cases, we may leave this world before we are ready.  What are our plans if this were to happen?  Putting your assets in a trust, or last desires into a Will - helps to make sure your financial holdings are passed on to whomever you want them to go.  But, if you don’t create a care plan, or declare Read More