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Thank you again so much for my disability case. Feel free to share my story with any clients or potential clients.

I never imagined I would have lost my job last year after 28 years in management due to a corporate restructure. I had these building healthcare injuries, 5 surgeries in 5 years, and got to the point where I realized I couldn’t work. Then the news of my pending knee replacement surgery. But filing for disability was a last resort and now I’m glad I did.

There are so many myths out there about disability—how long it takes, what the government puts you through during the process, and also myths about attorneys. I didn’t listen to any of that and went with your firm and trusted in your experience and qualifications. I doubt I would have won my case, let alone in only two months and at the first round, had I tried to do this on my own.

So I am blessed this came through and it gives me piece of mind as I now transition into basically retiring early.

David Ross

If there is still such a thing as a neighborhood lawyer, Randi epitomizes that characteristic. What I mean is she lives and works in my community. I’ve seen her donate her time to giving seminars on social security. She’s always accessible and approachable — very down to earth. Even though my case seemed atypical to me – she made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I could depend on her to navigate the complicated legal system. At the time I could barely get out of bed much less remember what I had done five minutes earlier.

I’ve always been an overfunctioner – a superwoman – a person who was in control and capable of taking care of myself and everyone else – until I got sick. I had to surrender – to let go and turn it over to someone I could trust. Randi was that person and she didn’t let me down. Additionally, her staff was always on top of everything – so I was always informed and reminded when needed – which I needed because I forgot things constantly.

They put together a competent and compelling case I couldn’t even truly comprehend because I really didn’t fully understand how sick I had been when I began this process nor how far I had come. But not far enough to where I could go back to full functioning. When it all came together – even though the term “disabled” didn’t appeal to me – I knew that this had to happen – that I needed the help social security could offer to get me through the rest of my life. I’m grateful.


Randy accepted my case with a short time to prepare. She accomplished in three months what another did not in 2 years. I was awarded a fully favorable decision. The most impressive moment for me was when the judge complimented Randy on her excellent presentation. Impressing a judge IS impressive.

Christine Cook

…Thank you for the work you did for me. I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much. I really admire your skills as a lawyer. I know that my case for SSI was not accepted at first. Because of your work, it did get accepted and now I’m very happy. I cannot thank you enough.


If you or someone you know needs help with Social Security Disability or Vet’s Disability, Randi is who you need to call! She is warm, friendly and efficient. She will get the job done!


My Attorney

Randi has been my attorney for some time now..and let me tell you she is amazing attorney, always responsive always caring..She truly is involved in your case working hard for you.She knows the law and how it applies to your case.She is always kind , compassionate and concerned.If I heard any negative about Randi I would be suspect ..its just NOT in her nature to be rude , hateful or arrogant. You will find her hard working, compassion and knowledge of law to be your best defender and representative for your case!


Social Security Expert

I had to go on social security due to an illness and was scared and overwhelmed. I could not have made it through the process without Randi. Not only did she take me step by step through the paperwork, she also sat on the phone with me while being interviewed by the SS department. Everything was taken care of quickly and efficiently. If I had tried to do it alone, I would still be muddling through. I highly recommend!!

G. Cole

Very Helpful

Randi and her staff were very helpful in getting me approved for social security. They made a process that can be very complicated and frustrating very easy. The communication was great and I was able to do the whole process from my home.


Complete Satisfaction

I came to Randi after being turned down for my ssdi and prior to her I had a disability company helping me and they did absolutely nothing for me except to put my application in and did nothing else then I went to a different attorney and he was a nice person but again did not do much for me then he retired and after being turned down 2 times that is when I met Randi I must say that she did more for me in 2 months than the others did in 2 years time. Her professionalism is outstanding and I am convinced that if Randi was not as experienced as she is I would not of received my SSDI. During my hearing I noticed that the judge was very impressed with her work and her preparation and said so to her. So I know I would have been turned down if she did not know what she was doing so I can not say enough about her. I even asked the judge to give her more money because I felt she deserved it but the judge turned my request but still she did deserve it. So you can not go wrong by choosing her for an attorney.


She gets the job done. And I won!

I was fearful I woudn’t win, bc the system failed me initially. I was injured during a routine surgery, and my entire life fell apart, physically, and emotionally. Randi got me the justice I needed, and my day in court. She is amazing, and I’ve already referred clients to her. I got everything we fought for. Thank you Randi, I couldn’t have done this without you. Staff excellent, I never had to wait for more than 24 hours for an educated response to my multiple questions. Resourceful, competent, diligent.