SSI Lawyers Fees, How Much Will You Pay?

SSI Lawyers Fees, How Much Will You Pay?

When you are filing for Social Security, it is recommended that you start connecting with SSI and SSDI lawyers to assist you in the process.

Just having the connection and being informed will help increase your odds of being approved on your first go-round. 

However, if you have already applied and been denied, then it not just important to hire and SSI Lawyer, it is critical!

The costs for SSI lawyers can be a concern for many seeking help.  Costs are often cited as the biggest fear of people in this situation, but the good news is that fees are designed so that the cost of a great SSI Lawyer isn’t your barrier to ultimate success.

Read below to see how you can hire a great SSI Lawyer, risk-free!

How SSI Lawyers Can Help

As a brief primer, we should cover what Social security lawyers will do to help you once you retain their services. You will receive support, and even hands-on work on your application to social security as well as meeting required deadlines and collecting enough evidence to successfully represent you so that you may be approved to receive your benefits.  In short, retaining a good lawyer will make sure your claim and appeal get done… and done well!

Contingency Fee

SSI lawyers charge a contingency fee for representing you in your Social Security claim.  When you first meet your Social Security lawyer, you will go over a contingency fee agreement. Once this is signed, it will allow the Social Security Administration to pay your attorney from your past-due benefits, when they have been approved.

SSI lawyers only get paid for representing you if you win your appeal, and they will only receive payment from your back pay.

Keep in mind that although you are not paying for the lawyers’ services out of pocket, there are other costs involved that might require your payment. A disability attorney needs to have access to and collect all kinds of records including medical, work and school. This process can be pricey, and some attorneys will require you to be the one responsible for your lawyers’ access to them. Any mailing or copying charges could also be your responsibility. It is a good idea when meeting your attorney to ask what costs you will be responsible for and whether those costs are expected to be covered at the time or after you begin receiving benefits.

Back Pay

Lawyers’ fees are paid through your back pay. This is the money you would be receiving if you were to get benefits during the time you were disabled but not yet approved for benefits. Social security lawyers get a maximum of twenty-five percent of the back pay you are awarded up to a maximum of six thousand dollars. In the rare case you are not awarded back pay, your lawyer might then submit a fee petition. This could allow your lawyer to still receive a fee for their services. This does not mean you necessarily have to pay out of pocket. However, the fee would then typically come out of your awarded amount.

Again, make sure you go over this with any prospective SSI Lawyer you intend to work with.


There are a few situations where Social Security Lawyers may ask for more than the typical max of six thousand from your back pay and submit a fee petition. These conditions typically require for you to :

  1. Hire a new, different attorney than who you started with, or fire your previous attorney. This particular case can be confusing. If the first lawyer you worked with did a significant amount of work and did not waive their fee, then the two lawyers will have to share the percentage of your back pay. This may end in your current lawyer asking for a higher fee to make up the difference.
  2. You are still denied benefits after the appeal hearing and need to further your case to federal court.

If you have questions about your Social Security claim or need assistance filling out your claim, contact us today!

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Basics of Social Security Lawyers’ Fees

Basics of Social Security Lawyers’ Fees

Hiring a social security lawyer for your claim or appeal might seem to be an overwhelming task.

When you factor in the anxiety most people have about how to pay for a social security lawyer, you begin to see why so many try to pursue their claim alone.

You do not have to go it alone though.  You can afford a social security lawyer!  How?

Social security lawyers only work on a contingency basis.

Let’s take a look at what that means.

The Contingency Fee Agreement

A contingency fee means merely that social security lawyers do not get paid unless you win your claim.  Their costs will be paid out of your benefits before you even get your first check.

Some contingency fees are set up as a lump sum payment that comes out of your benefits at the very beginning, and then you are done.  Others are set up to be taken out, monthly, before your check is sent to you.  This will be decided by you and the social security lawyers when you sign a contingency fee agreement.

A contingency fee agreement states that the social security administration has the permission to pay your legal counsel when you begin receiving your benefits. The social security administration will also be sure to make sure that your agreement follows all applicable regulations.

Your attorney will not be receiving any more than 25% of your benefits or more than $6,000.

There are times when social security lawyers require extra fees. Of course, these fees must meet ample lawful justification before the social security administration approves them. This happens on very rare occasions, and most requests for more money out of your benefits are not approved.

Two Tier Agreements

Some attorneys may have you sign what is called a “two-tier agreement”. It got this name because although similar to the regular contingency agreement, it covers two scenarios instead of one.

The first scenario is the one we laid out just a moment ago: receiving twenty-five percent

The second approach is if your claim is denied and you social security lawyer proceeds with any further appeals on your behalf. In this case, your lawyer may choose to petition for a higher amount rather than accepting the regular amount.  The Social Security Administration would have to approve the higher amount before your lawyers get paid.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Some social security lawyers will also charge you some out-of-pocket fees.  These typically cover the cost of requesting your medical records, copies, postage, etc.  These fees do not usually cost more than $200, but your lawyer should tell you about them before you sign anything.  If they do not, then be sure to ask about any out-of-pocket fees and what they will cover.  These fees are always negotiable.  Moreover, it may be worth it to shop around for attorneys to see if any of them are willing to waive those fees in taking on your case.

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