Press Release: Award Winning Estate Planning and Social Security Attorney Now Serving Idaho

Award-winning attorney Randi L Johnson was admitted to practice in the State of Idaho. Niche estate planning, and disability law firm expanding to serve clients in Idaho.


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Award-winning attorney Randi L Johnson was admitted to practice in the State of Idaho on July 16, 2018.

Since 2007, Randi has practiced with various law firms, arguing Social Security disability law throughout the United States. However, in 2013, Randi established her own practice in Spokane, WA.

Johnson’s firm, Lilac City Law, focuses on Social Security Disability, VA appeals, and Estate Planning. With Johnson’s admission to practice law in the Gem State, her firm is now able to support clients in both Washington and Idaho.

When asked about expanding her practice to support clients in Idaho, Randi stated,

“We have truly been blessed to establish ourselves within the Spokane area, and we’ve seen that as we are hosting more and more of our family education events, mothers, fathers, and caregivers are making their way out to us from Idaho to learn about protecting their families and estates.”

She added,

“This is really exciting; I know that we are going to be able to fill a niche as an accessible, and extremely high quality, estate planning partner for families throughout Idaho.”

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