Highlighting Our “Always There for You” Plan

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About the Plan

We have discussed how a little bump in the road can quickly turn into a nightmare on here before. Well, in regards to the dangers that pop-up when you send your beloved children into the world for the first time. It is not sufficient that we talk about it though, without providing a solution that meets the needs of the challenges we brought up. There’s gonna be no “chicken-little” around here! The sky is not falling, and you can most certainly do something to continue protecting your lovely children when they finally leave home to explore the world on their own.

So, we introduce the Always There for You Plan from Lilac City Law. The goal of this project was to provide you as a parent a collaborative means for being there for your children one last time, in the event of a medical emergency.

Within the plan, we will help you and your child(ren) to develop an HIPAA Authorization, a Medical Power of Attorney, as well as a Financial and Legal Power of Attorney.

HIPAA Authorization

With the HIPAA Authorization, you will be enabled to obtain vital information about your child’s medical state if they become unable to share the information themselves. If you want to know more about how and why having the ability to access this information is necessary, read this article!

Medical Power of Attorney

In the event, your child suffers a catastrophic medical emergency, who will make potential life or death decisions regarding their care. It very well may not be you! You can work with your child to change that, and that is what we created this plan to help you do. Working with your child and with Lilac City Law, we will help you to create a plan that enables you as the parent, to make informed care choices if they become necessary.

Financial & Legal Powers of Attorney

Lastly, should your child end up unable to take care of their finances or legal concerns due to a medical emergency, the Financial and Legal Powers of Attorney we will help you both draft up will enable you to act on their behalf until they recover.

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Always There for Them Plan

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