Do You Qualify for Disability? 5 Ways You Can Tell

5 Ways to Know if You Qualify for Disability The 40 million Americans who have a disability are often unable to work. Fortunately, those with disabilities can receive assistance through Social Security Disability programs.  Disabled Americans may either qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) depending on their situation. But if you have a Read More

7 Possible Reasons You Were Denied Disability

7 Possible Reasons You Were Denied Disability Just over 30% of people who file for disability benefits get their claims successfully approved. The rest of the applications are all denied disability for a variety of factors ranging from technical to medical. After all this, the median percentage (across the US) of those who do get accepted through a reconsideration is just eight percent! If you were Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for Social Security Disability Appeal Filing for social security benefits can be a daunting task. Making it more daunting is the high probability you will get denied. Preliminary claims have a denial rate of 67%, while reconsiderations - which are the first step in a disability appeal in Washington - have an increased rate of 87%. However, with the right guidelines to Read More

Do SSI Lawyers Really Help With Your Disability Claim?

If you find yourself in need of assistance for a social security disability case, it is important to get help from an expert. Many people make the error of representing themselves. While you may know your rights, it is always advantageous to reach out to one, or several social security disability law firms to increase your overall chance of success. Follow the tips below to learn more about the Read More

What to Look for in a Great Disability Lawyer

Have you submitted a disability benefits claim and are waiting to hear whether or not it's been approved? Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you. Only 23% of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are approved at the initial application stage. Sometimes, even less if you did not use a disability lawyer. Of course, you can always appeal a denial of disability, but even then, you're facing an Read More

How are PTSD and Disability-Related for Social Security?

If you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may be wondering how PTSD and Disability are related to Social Security. Will you be able to receive Social Security Disability if you suffer from PTSD? How do you prove that you have a PTSD related disability and cannot work? PTSD and Known Side Effects Issues like severe depression and anxiety, hallucinations, irritability, memory, and Read More

Is Sleep Apnea a Disability?

Is sleep apnea a disability? Sometimes the guidelines regarding whether you qualify for SSI or SSDI can be confusing. Some disabilities, Sleep Apnea, for instance, are not always straight to the point. Is Sleep Apnea a Disability? Sleep Apnea happens to be one of those disabilities that can fall into different categories.  In particular, the aspects surrounding severity and cause.  Either or both of Read More

SSI Lawyers Fees, How Much Will You Pay?

  When you are filing for Social Security, it is recommended that you start connecting with SSI and SSDI lawyers to assist you in the process. Just having the connection and being informed will help increase your odds of being approved on your first go-round.  However, if you have already applied and been denied, then it not just important to hire and SSI Lawyer, it is critical! The costs for SSI lawyers Read More

Can You Win a Disability Claim for Meniere Disease in Spokane, WA?

  If you have Meniere Disease and are finding it hard to work, you may qualify for Meniere Disease Disability Benefits. In fact, depending on the severity of your symptoms and if you meet the SSA requirements, you may automatically qualify.   What Meniere Disease is Meniere Disease is a disorder of the inner ear (vestibular labyrinth) which is the area that controls your balance and positional Read More

FAQ: How Much Can I Work & Still Be Eligible for Disability?

This is not an easy question to answer, but it is one of the most important ones to consider when you contemplate your path to recovery.  Here is our outstanding founding attorney, Randi L. Johnson, breaking down the answer:   Need Help with Your Claim?   Read More