Out of Work Due to a Disability? 6 Community Resources That Can Help

6 Community Resources to Help When You're Disabled & Can't Work Being out of work due to a disability can be scary and overwhelming. Especially if you are unsure of what you should be doing until you get approved for social security. Thankfully, there are many community resources available that can provide you with assistance and aid during your period of unemployment. Here are 6 community Read More

Spotlight On: Bill Tierney, Success Coach

  Lilac City Law is proud to partner with businesses and organizations in the Spokane area to make sure you’re taken care of beyond the scope of our services.  Here is a List of Our Partners   In this Spotlight On blog article, we asked Bill Tierney, Success Coach, to talk about making decisions and discovering your values. *We think you'll see the parallels between what he has to say and how we help people like Read More

7 Possible Reasons You Were Denied Disability

7 Possible Reasons You Were Denied Disability Just over 30% of people who file for disability benefits get their claims successfully approved. The rest of the applications are all denied disability for a variety of factors ranging from technical to medical. After all this, the median percentage (across the US) of those who do get accepted through a reconsideration is just eight percent! If you were Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for Social Security Disability Appeal Filing for social security benefits can be a daunting task. Making it more daunting is the high probability you will get denied. Preliminary claims have a denial rate of 67%, while reconsiderations - which are the first step in a disability appeal in Washington - have an increased rate of 87%. However, with the right guidelines to Read More

Power Lunch: Business Basics for Small & Solo Law Firm Owners

Profit First is an exciting cutting-edge subject where we rethink our revenue and our expense systems leading us to be “MORE PROFITABLE!" About this Event  Bryce Egbert of BCE Accounting and Tax PC, will be our keynote speaker. Bryce Egbert is an expert in the Profit First System and will be taking us through: The Profit First Principles The Foundational Five Accounts How to get rid of your Read More

The Single Mom’s Guide to Estate Planning

A Single Mom's Guide to Estate Planning Today, 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 are being raised without a father.  As a single mother, you carry the tremendous responsibility for making sure your children are healthy, happy, and well-protected. From diapers to college applications, you are there for your kids for the rest of their lives. Estate planning helps provide the invaluable peace of mind Read More

Your Questions About Setting Up a Trust, Answered: Who, Why, When & How?

Questions About Setting Up a Trust, Answered: Who, Why, When & How? Do you want the wealth and property you have accumulated to really help make a difference in the lives of people and institutions you care about? Have you thought about what would happen to your assets in the event of your death?  Wills can be helpful, but setting up a trust may just be an iron-clad way for you to ensure that your money and Read More

Legal at 18: Estate Planning for College Students

Plan Your Estate: What All Young Adults Should Do When They Turn 18 About to turn 18? What an exciting time! You already know that you can register to vote, get a tattoo, and purchase that lucky lottery ticket, but did you know that you also need to plan to manage your estate?  Even though it may not sound like the most glamorous task to do as soon as you become an adult, it is one of the most important Read More

It’s Not a Male Thing: Why Married and Single Women Need a Will

Who Needs A Will? Both Married and Single Women Need An Estate Plan As you  become an adult, one question you may have is "who needs a will?".  The answer is everyone! Everybody diesand almost no-one knows when. It is a common misconception that only certain people need wills.  Every woman (and every man) should have their end of life documents ready and handy, regardless of their age.  Women & Read More

Top Three Advantages of a Living Trust

Top Three Advantages of a Living Trust We cannot avoid death, but we CAN plan for it.  That said, only 60% of Americans have made a will or living trust to help those they leave behind. When it is time to complete your estate planning, give strong consideration to creating a living trust.  A living trust provides for distribution of your assets according to your instructions. But what other reasons are Read More