A New Chapter for Lilac City Law

As we wind down the summer and think about our Little Ones heading back to school, Lilac City Law is also continuing to enjoy transitions and new chapters!

Starting October 1, 2016

Lilac City Law (LCL) will help families with children create Family Wealth and Kids Protection Plans.

Allow me to share how we decided to offer these services:

When our oldest daughter, Chloe, was just 4 months old, we moved to Spokane. We bought a chiropractic clinic that now specializes in mama, baby and family care. I was home with Chloe exclusively for close to 9 months, taking on contract work here and there. Eventually, that grew into Lilac City Law.

Having the opportunity to work alongside my babies really emphasized to me how very important the role of a parent is. We, as mothers and fathers, provide the foundation upon which our little ones experience the world. It was recently pointed out to me that our community here in Spokane is entirely made up of young families and the birth workers who help welcome those newest and dearest to us. In that same conversation, it was further pointed out to me that the fate of my own babies wasn’t secure! What? Why not!

Because I hadn’t yet realized how important family and life planning was. Chad and I had never created Family Wealth and Kids Protection Plans in the event of our death or incapacitation. I realized this is NOT just about money left behind. This is about planning for my family’s future in the event that the worst happens too.

At the time of that conversation, Chad and I were at a business conference 3,500 miles away. The girls were in the loving care of my sister. But what would happen if Chad and I never came home? Or were in some accident and were incapacitated for some time?  We had ZERO documents or instructions to any court of law.

This is what would happen. Law enforcement and social workers would make the determination of who should be the temporary and permanent guardians of our children. What if they appointed someone we would NEVER want to have charge of our babies? Would that person know how we wanted them raised? Would they know what is important to us? Would they be able to access any of our savings, important family documents, and basic healthcare information? I couldn’t answer this because I never created a plan.

We had no plan in place. Knowing this, there was NO way I could go on another trip, or even a date night, without one! It was in those moments that I thought, “if I didn’t realize this, there must be so many others that are in the same place!” It became clear at that moment that I could start a movement to provide this service to other families just like us.

And if that isn’t the best way to create a fulfilling career, what is?!

Lilac City Law is a different kind of law firm because of my experiences and values. First, we will make sure you get a personalized plan that suits your family’s needs. We have a flat fee model, so you won’t be caught off guard or be concerned about calling in to provide the necessary information for that customized plan. This commitment to communication is a cornerstone of our values.

Our communication policy is in place so that the needs of our clients are balanced with the needs of the firm.  Our staff is well trained to handle most non-legal questions. When they cannot or the issue requires legal advice, a telephone or in-person conference will be scheduled. That way, you have my full attention, and in the meantime – I have reviewed your questions and expressed needs.  At LCL, we don’t like the game of Phone Tag.

Lastly, Lilac City Law focuses on the establishment and maintenance of relationships with our community and our clients. We understand that protecting your family and children is more than just asset arrangements.  It also includes ensuring that pieces of you are preserved for your children. We will take you through a Legacy Interview, where we will record your responses. An audio time capsule that not only will capture the healing medicine necessary for your children if you’re gone but also some verbal directives to the guardians you choose for your children.

If you are a young family or you know a young family who could benefit from the kind of preparation that will allow moms and dads to sleep peacefully knowing they’ve protected their most precious assets, please schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session!






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